January 27, 2021

Why Automation Can’t Replace Human Jobs in Manufacturing

Automation continues to grow in popularity throughout the manufacturing industry. The use of automation technology offers many benefits, such as improving productivity and reducing costs. However, automation technology will never be able to completely replace human jobs in manufacturing due to a variety of reasons.

Maintenance and Repair Work

Robots can easily perform simple tasks over and over in manufacturing. However, these robots will eventually need maintenance and repair work to maximize their lifespan. Human workers will be needed to perform these tasks, as automation technology isn’t designed to repair itself or do preventative maintenance tasks. Ultimately, the use of automation technology will result in the redistribution of the workforce in other areas of manufacturing.

Enhance Current Workforce

Automation technology can also enhance the current workforce and make their jobs much easier. Instead of replacing workers, robots can work together with employees to maximize productivity and improve the bottom line. This is a win-win situation for everyone, as automation technology can play a crucial role in allowing workers to be much more efficient.

Lack of Dexterity

Robots also struggle to perform tasks that require a high level of dexterity in the workplace. On the other hand, humans perform a wide range of activities requiring more complex movements than automation technology can offer. Many manufacturing operations use robotics to perform repetitive tasks while employees can focus on work activities that require critical thinking or higher dexterity levels.

New Ideas and Innovation

One of the most significant differences between human workers and automation technology is the level of innovation. Robots can only follow their programming without any extra room for improvisation or creative ideas. However, humans can still find ways to be innovative and develop new strategies to improve business operations.

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