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35+ years in the industry

For more than three decades, PennFab has gained commercial metal fabrication experience and knowledge in many industries ranging from railroads and manufacturing to transportation, infrastructure, and construction support. As a Pennsylvania-based metal fabrications company, we have handled custom welding projects in not just Pennsylvania but NY, NJ, New England, Washington DC.

Our team of certified welders and metal fabricators utilizes 35+ years in the industry to continually improve and innovate the practices and technology used to provide the best services to our clients. Our fabrication business will help bring your projects into the 21st century!

PennFab has established our reputation as one of the top steel fabricating companies in PA, the tri-state area, and beyond! Our experience across multiple industries, designs, engineering disciplines, and needs means we can help you with all your fabrication specifications!

Our team of engineers and steel fabricators based in PA has experience working with various industries and projects of varying sizes. Our team works with clients across the tri-state area and extending up to Boston, and no welding project is too big or too small for PennFab!

To learn more about our capabilities, you can read about our engineering and welding services. We use our multidisciplinary engineers in conjunction with our expert welders to bring all manners of fabrication projects to fruition.

Businesses require all sorts of custom metal fabrications for their facilities to function correctly. Why settle for less than one of the most experienced shops in the tri-state area? For the best metal fabrication company in Pennsylvania, look no further than PennFab!

Bridge Fabrications

Bridge fabrications require an experienced team that knows how to manipulate and strengthen steel to provide the best support possible. Using quality materials and constantly evolving techniques, our team works to build better bridges in dire need areas.

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Bridges consist of a critical part of the national and transportation infrastructure that needs help across the board. PennFab’s 35 years of experience and our constantly-evolving approach to engineering design means that we bring an experienced and fresh perspective to rebuilding and creating bridges in the tri-state area.

A critical component of bridge fabrications is fracture critical members, or FCM. These are the components that are first to be suspected as the failure points if a bridge were to collapse. These pieces of the bridge’s infrastructure require an expert team of engineers and crafters to ensure each piece meets the highest standards and structural integrity to eliminate the potential for a catastrophic failure.

Our team works with clients throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and the Greater New England area on bridge fabrication projects. Our team will deliver our projects on time and on budget with the end goal of keeping travel interruptions for drivers to a minimum!

Are you in need of a metal fabrication company to help bring the vision for your next bridge project to life? Partner with an experienced team that delivers every project on time and on budget. Contact PennFab to speak with our team and hammer out the logistics of your next project today!

Infrastructure Manufacturing

Every nation around the world relies on their infrastructure to remain intact and in good condition to keep the country going. Infrastructure components that range from roads, bridges, and mass transit systems work together to keep the country moving. Keeping these critical pieces of everyday life in peak condition requires a team well-versed in infrastructure manufacturing. Enter: PennFab, Inc.

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With PennFab’s teams of multidisciplinary engineers, metal fabricators, and welders, we can tackle large infrastructure projects that need immediate attention. Our infrastructure manufacturing capabilities allow us to complete these large-scale projects with precision while keeping them on time and on budget!

When building bridges, it’s essential to provide pedestrians with the same safety and security level that drivers receive. We’ll help pedestrians with well constructed and sturdy handrails through our fabrication processes and provide barriers between them and the road. Keeping bridges safe for pedestrians and drivers alike is the number one concern of manufacturing firms that work with municipalities to maintain these key transportation hubs.

For travelers, knowing where they’re going is the most crucial part of the journey. Highways, bridges, and turnoffs would be useless without proper signage. Thanks to the team at PennFab, every road, highway, and bridge will have the most accurate sign structures to follow and help get them where they need to go!

With the number of people that travel throughout the country, having clear signposts and adequately maintained roads and bridges remains essential. PennFab’s multidisciplinary team works together to create sustainable infrastructure fabrications to keep the national transportation system moving efficiently.

Large Fabrications

Modern engineering has helped us create large and impressive structures, machines, and feats of fabrication greatness. Every part of the process comes together to create these large fabrications and bring them to life. With our over 35 years of experience across many diverse industries, the PennFab team can help bring your large projects to life!

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One example of the large fabrications that we do is the junction boxes and risers found in indoor and outdoor areas — providing our clients with the type of expertly made structures to house all of their electrical connections.

You want junction boxes that provide your underground electrical cables a protected and safe enclosure. They should be easy to access for certified technicians but also deter any outside sources from interfering with the internal workings. Ensuring that requires the right combination of quality materials, fabrication capabilities, and experienced workers handling the construction. You get all three while working with PennFab!

Our team of engineers and fabricators, along with state-of-the-art techniques and programs we use all help ensure that these projects meet our high standards. Our team takes the time to ensure that the quality of the design, fabrication, and final build creates an environment where our clients remain confident that the final product will stand the test of time.

PennFab takes pride in our storied history of working with businesses across various industries to deliver the highest quality large fabrication projects possible. Each part of our team works in unison to deliver each project on time and on budget!

Custom Metal Fabrication

Depending on the project, you’re going to need highly specialized and crafted metal components to bring your vision to life. To find the best custom metal fabrication company in Philadelphia, look no further than PennFab!

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Architecture features a wide range of structures with unique characteristics that provide specific challenges in creating them. For structures that utilize a catenary arch design, for example, you’ll need engineers well versed in balancing the mathematical concepts and the execution of the fabrication to bring it to life. Having engineers with experience designing, fabricating, and delivering completed catenary structures will help give your projects more visual style than it would otherwise.

For docks and construction sites that utilize cranes on a widespread basis, your facility will often need specialized fabrications to make the work more efficient. With PennFab, the choice for custom metal fabrication in Philadelphia and NJ is an easy one. We can help give your site the customized fabrications, such as a custom-built gantry for a bridge, you might need!

Facilities across all industries require various custom metal components to finish making it safe for their employees. Our team specializes in creating aluminum and steel gratings for walkways of all strength requirements. We take the time to ensure that every grating we deliver is ready for a lifetime’s worth of use and safety.

No matter if you operate a power, chemical, or industrial plant, your facility will have pipes, power cables, S4 shackles, and other components that require extra stability. Thanks to the team at PennFab, you’ll have a team that has years of experience designing and delivering expertly designed and engineered pipe racks. Our fabrication process means that anything that leaves our facilities is made with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail that has become a hallmark of PennFab! Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


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