June 27, 2021

New Logo, The Same Reliable PennFab

When it comes to building a brand that your customers can trust, you want a logo that represents everything you offer them. The logo remains the first thing they think of when they remember your company and what you have done for them. Having a recognizable logo that is equal parts memorable and evokes trust can only benefit your business in the long run.

Having been in business for nearly 40 years, our customers have come to recognize our logo and what it means to us as a company. However, we wanted to give our logo an update to represent how far we’ve come, where we’re going, and how we continue to provide high-quality service to our customers. 

What’s Changed

Almost 40 years in the metal fabrication industry represents a significant milestone for PennFab, Inc. We have worked hard to deliver top-tier results for our customers throughout the tri-state area and beyond, working with them on various infrastructure, design, and engineering projects. We wanted our new logo to represent our history, services, and where we operate, since these factors make us unique.

Give Customers A Quick Look At What We Do

Gone are the old-fashioned fonts and colors; we wanted to shift to a darker shade of green and transform the PennFab “P” into a metal fabrication similar to what we build for our customers.

Keeping our offerings and what we can do front and center helps us stay present in our customers’ and potential customers’ minds in new and innovative ways. We want to remain at the forefront of the metal fabrication discussion, and discovering new ways to stay relevant will help us remain a fixture in the industry for future decades to come.

Represent Where We Come From

With our expansive facility located in the greater Philadelphia area, we have a strong connection to Pennsylvania as a whole. Paying homage to where we came from and started doing business helps establish our identity as a local metal fabrication facility that has also grown beyond our stately borders.

Our team has taken on large projects up and down the East Coast in states ranging as far north as Massachusetts to cities like Washington D.C. Our experience working on a varied list of successful projects has been a significant reason why we have lasted as long as we have in this competitive industry.

Where We Go From Here

How we present ourselves to our customers is something that we take seriously. Taking the next steps towards solidifying our future is our highest priority, and creating a new logo that helps articulate that vision for the future was only the first step on our path. With our new logo in place, PennFab wants to bring our company into the future while also keeping the essence of what made us who we are intact.

Finding the right metal fabrication partner for your next project is critical for your overall success. If you want to learn more about our services or past projects we have completed, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us to get a headstart on your next project today!