April 2, 2021

How Our Facilities Can Bring Your Projects to Life

When you have a big project that needs to be completed, you want to ensure that the team you have working on it can handle its scope. A team with experience with larger scale projects can handle the big infrastructure and fabrication projects that help keep the world moving forward without interruption. With the help of PennFab, Inc., you get the experience and facilities to make your project a reality as well!

Our Facilities

The PennFab facilities feature an expansive 230,000 sq ft facility — one of the largest in the tri-state area. We have the space and equipment to plan, fabricate, and bring your overall vision to life. Our team of engineers, fabricators, and metal workers knows how to efficiently deliver your projects on time and on budget.

Our Capabilities

Our teams work together to bring your projects to life through our efficient processes, work ethic, and best use of our top-notch facilities. Through the idea phase, fabrication, and prototyping, we’ll ensure every part of your project meets our high standards and is ready for delivery. Once your project is in our hands, we take every step to make it a reality.

We Can Help With Storage Too!

Sometimes the extra space isn’t to take on larger projects; sometimes, it’s about getting some room to breathe. Suppose your area has started to feel a little claustrophobic. In that case, whether it’s due to extra materials from a previous project taking up too much space or your company being in the process of reorganizing, you might need more space for your team than your facility can provide. Our facilities feature rentable indoor and outdoor storage space that you can take advantage of, so you can rearrange your home base to accommodate your growing needs.

Finding the right amount of space for your business can prove challenging as you continue to grow your manufacturing business. Instead of passing up on projects that would require more space, rent out space within PennFab’s sprawling facility! We have room for you to take on more significant projects that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Contact us to learn more today!