8 Advantages of Working For a Family-Owned Company

Family at construction site

When a business has been founded, owned, or operated within a single-family dynamic, it is a badge of honor. Not only does it provide a strong backstory for your business, but it tells customers that you don’t subscribe to the usual traits of corporate America. In other words, while the business world is often perceived as cold and calculated, family-owned businesses emphasize a company culture founded on the nurturing qualities of family life. Continue reading “8 Advantages of Working For a Family-Owned Company”

Why Use an AISC Certified Fabricator?

At PennFab, we take pride in being a veteran-owned and operated company; but did you know that we are also an AISC certified steel manufacturer and fabricator in Pennsylvania? We are proud of our certification, as it shows our employees and customers the level of our dedication to them. We work hard to provide the highest quality of products to customers while maintaining a safe and productive work environment for our employees. Here, we break down what AISC certification entails, and why it’s important for fabricators to have this. Continue reading “Why Use an AISC Certified Fabricator?”

Wishing You a Merry Christmas From The PennFab Team

The holiday season is a time to appreciate all that life has to offer and say thank you. Here at PennFab, we want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We hope your days are filled with peace and happiness now and into the New Year.

Let It Snow

Is it even winter if it doesn’t snow? At PennFab, one of our many projects is creating the supports for snowmaking machines, making it possible for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the slopes even when snow is scarce. We fabricate and galvanize complex steel weldments, creating an army of snowmaking machines.

These complex steel parts are used to support, lift, adjust, and transport high-end snowmaking machines. All parts and 99% of the machinery used is made right here in the USA. By fabricating in the USA, we are able to reduce shipping costs to our customers and provide a shorter lead-time.

Safety, Quality, and Productivity Near You

As a part of our mission to help America rebuild its infrastructure, we have been servicing platform access to train tracks in our area, especially those where ice melting products are used. Recently, there was an existing concrete platform that required frequent and significant maintenance, posing an increasing operational risk. The solution to this problem needed to extend the life of the platform without completely shutting it down and taking it out of service.

The team at PennFab worked together to create a solution that was quick and easy to install, with a quick turnaround time, to avoid disrupting the daily activities of passengers. PennFab fabricated and shipped custom anti-slip steel panels that were fastened in place, right over the deteriorated and unsafe platform sections. These panels were pre-assembled and fully ready for installation with yellow tactile mat and rub rail attached, along with yellow stripes painted. Beveled edges were added to prevent trip hazards and comply with ADA standards. The installation work was done without any heavy equipment or major construction. Once everything was installed and fastened, the neat and clean appearance proved similar to an unmodified platform. We are proud to say that we efficiently maintained the safety of the platform with quality products and craftsmanship.

Thank a Veteran This Holiday

As a veteran-owned and operated business, we see the value in taking an extra minute to say “thank you” to a veteran. This holiday season, it’s important to remember that not everyone is as lucky as you are. Donating your time can be one of the greatest gifts of all. Visiting your local VA hospital and spending time with veterans can help make their holidays a little brighter. Christmas is a time for reflecting and appreciating those around you. Whatever you do, don’t forget to thank a veteran this holiday.

Celebrating Our Most Valuable Resource — Our Employees!

At PennFab, we value the hard work and dedication that our employees put into their jobs every day. As a thank you, we have started awarding employees with plaques on their anniversary milestones.

The first award has been given to Ed Sholly, celebrating his 10-year work anniversary with us here at PennFab. Ed is a detailer in our engineering department, bringing over 35 years of experience in the steel fabrication industry. On a daily basis, Ed meticulously reviews drawings and specifications, taking them from the initial design state and transforming them into real works of art.

After executing a complete detailing and delineation of all parts and components, Ed creates thorough drawings depicting what is needed to create various forms of custom fabrications. These fabrications include catenary structures for railroads, electrical substations, and highway sign structures.

Some areas of Ed’s expertise include:

  • Industrial maintenance
  • Conveyor industry
  • Material handling
  • Structural steel equipment
  • Railroad maintenance equipment
  • Machine shop
  • Millwright work

Every day, Ed has the pleasure of seeing his handiwork in person when he drives by the Croydon rail station. PennFab was responsible for the fabrication of the rail station, including the canopies and railings. Ed also gets the chance to appreciate his work in-person when he attends an Eagles or Phillies home game, where PennFab fabricated all of the audiovisual brackets and supports in the two stadiums.

When PennFab began 35 years ago, it consisted of just three people. Today, we have developed into one of the largest fabricating and manufacturing facilities in the tri-state area — something that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and perseverance displayed by our outstanding employees.

From day one, Michael J. Mabin knew he wanted to build a business that would provide rewarding jobs to employees and families for years to come. From one department to the next, we consider PennFab to be one big family. To this day, we continue to invest in our employees by providing hands-on training and offering opportunities for growth within the company. It is with great pride that we can watch our employees further educate themselves, developing the skills necessary for them to achieve their career goals. We look forward to continuing this new tradition of celebrating employees who have chosen to accomplish those goals here with us. To start your career with PennFab, apply in writing at

Four Ways to Honor a Veteran This Veterans Day

PennFab, Inc. is proud to be a 100% veteran-owned company. Our President and CEO, Michael J. Mabin, Sr., is a Veteran, and he has implemented the principles of Honor, Commitment, and Respect into the day-to-day operations of the company. In addition to being veteran-owned, we are proud to say that we use American-made materials and equipment.


On November 11, 2017, the nation will come together and celebrate Veterans Day. It is a day to remember and celebrate those who bravely served our country and fought for our freedom. Here are a few things you can do on Veterans Day, and every day, to honor your veterans.


  1. Thank a veteran for their service. When you see someone wearing a hat or article of clothing indicating in what conflict they served or what line of service they are in, a simple thank you can go a long way.
  2. Ask a veteran about their time in the service. Veterans who are willing to talk about their time in the service or wartime can open up a window into a different world. You can learn an immense amount about somebody from their experience. Showing that you’re really listening will mean a lot to them.
  3. Display the American flag. Veterans have a point of pride in their flag that is unmatched. The men and women who served in the Armed Forces do not view the flag as another decoration. To them, it is a symbol of lives lost and freedom gained.
  4. Visit the VA or a Veteran’s hospital. The VA and Veteran’s hospitals are home to many veterans who are disabled as a result of their service or who are aging and in need of more assistance. Some may not have many family members. A small gesture such as saying hello to the patients there or starting a conversation can show your appreciation for all they’ve sacrificed.


As a veteran-owned company, we at PennFab, Inc. are honored by those who have served in the line of duty. To us, every day is Veterans Day, and we are happy to support other local, veteran-owned businesses. For more information about our veteran status and what it means regarding our business, contact us by calling 215-245-1577.

5 Reasons to Work at PennFab

Are you ready to start a promising career with an incredible company? PennFab is one of the largest fabricating and manufacturing facilities in the tri-state area, and we couldn’t have done it without our great employees. We are looking to expand our team with the addition of driven, hard-working individuals. Here are five reasons to work at the company that was voted one of the Best Places to Work in 2016 & 2017.

  1. Veteran Owned. President and CEO, Mike Mabin, Sr. is a Coast Guard Veteran and is proud to say PennFab is a 100% veteran-owned business. Our company is built on the basic principles of Honor, Commitment, and Respect. All materials used in our facility are made in America, including 99% of our equipment.
  2. We invest in our people. When Michael J. Mabin started PennFab in 1983, he didn’t build a business to sell it. PennFab was created to provide jobs for families for generations to come. We are ready to train employees and help them become the best that they can be. Not only do we reinvest in our business, but we reinvest in our people.
  3. Friendly, family-oriented environment. This is a family business, and it shows. We treat each of our employees as a member of the family, because to us, they are. You’ll notice that everyone takes care of one another, from the warehouse to the offices.
  4. Opportunities for growth. Our company was built from nothing, and there is no job that the President and Vice President at PennFab haven’t done before. When you work at PennFab, we provide you with hands-on experience and opportunities for education so you can develop your skills and excel in your career. We believe that success comes from hard work and determination, and if you share those qualities, the sky’s the limit.
  5. Benefits. We offer a great benefits package to our employees. We provide you with health insurance, a 401k plan with a 3% weekly employer contribution, paid holidays and vacation time, along with competitive wages.

At PennFab, we’re looking to grow our company and provide the best safety and quality to our employees and clients in the railroad, manufacturing and transportation industries. We have been setting a continuous standard of excellence for 34 years and would like you to join us to continue. Visit our jobs page to see available positions and apply in writing by emailing

PennFab is celebrating 34 years!

PennFab is proudly recognized as one of the leading fabricators in the region. As always, we give nothing but the best Safety, Quality and Production.

We are so happy to be celebrating 34 years in business and thank everyone that has been a part of PennFab’s continued growth – our employees, customers and vendors.

PennFab, Inc, Setting the Standard of Excellence since 1983.
Made in the USA by tremendously dedicated, talented and proud American Craftsmen and Professionals.

AISC Certified – – PennDOT certified – 100% Veteran Owned – Made in the USA.

Voted Best Place to work 2016 and 2017.

Take your sons and daughters to work day!

Everyone at PennFab had a wonderful time working with some of our sons and daughters during Take your Sons and Daughters to work day. Held last Thursday, April 27th, the day is an annual event held at participating companies throughout the United States. The day is meant to help teach students team work, responsibilities, creating goals and more. We had a wonderful time and look forward to our children joining us again next year.  #countonme



Take your kids to work at PennFab, Inc.                Son and daughter at PennFab, Inc. with the family.

Best Place to Work 2017

PennFab is so proud to receive the Best Place to Work 2017 award.   Our employees voted for us helping us win for the second year in a row!  We are so proud of our hard working employees and happy that they love being part of the PennFab team.  We couldn’t be a true success without them.   Interested in joining PennFab?  You can send your resume to