Wishing You a Merry Christmas From The PennFab Team

The holiday season is a time to appreciate all that life has to offer and say thank you. Here at PennFab, we want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We hope your days are filled with peace and happiness now and into the New Year.

Let It Snow

Is it even winter if it doesn’t snow? At PennFab, one of our many projects is creating the supports for snowmaking machines, making it possible for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the slopes even when snow is scarce. We fabricate and galvanize complex steel weldments, creating an army of snowmaking machines.

These complex steel parts are used to support, lift, adjust, and transport high-end snowmaking machines. All parts and 99% of the machinery used is made right here in the USA. By fabricating in the USA, we are able to reduce shipping costs to our customers and provide a shorter lead-time.

Safety, Quality, and Productivity Near You

As a part of our mission to help America rebuild its infrastructure, we have been servicing platform access to train tracks in our area, especially those where ice melting products are used. Recently, there was an existing concrete platform that required frequent and significant maintenance, posing an increasing operational risk. The solution to this problem needed to extend the life of the platform without completely shutting it down and taking it out of service.

The team at PennFab worked together to create a solution that was quick and easy to install, with a quick turnaround time, to avoid disrupting the daily activities of passengers. PennFab fabricated and shipped custom anti-slip steel panels that were fastened in place, right over the deteriorated and unsafe platform sections. These panels were pre-assembled and fully ready for installation with yellow tactile mat and rub rail attached, along with yellow stripes painted. Beveled edges were added to prevent trip hazards and comply with ADA standards. The installation work was done without any heavy equipment or major construction. Once everything was installed and fastened, the neat and clean appearance proved similar to an unmodified platform. We are proud to say that we efficiently maintained the safety of the platform with quality products and craftsmanship.

Thank a Veteran This Holiday

As a veteran-owned and operated business, we see the value in taking an extra minute to say “thank you” to a veteran. This holiday season, it’s important to remember that not everyone is as lucky as you are. Donating your time can be one of the greatest gifts of all. Visiting your local VA hospital and spending time with veterans can help make their holidays a little brighter. Christmas is a time for reflecting and appreciating those around you. Whatever you do, don’t forget to thank a veteran this holiday.