Why Is a Press Brake Machine Essential for Metal Work?

When it comes to metal fabrication work, fabricators need to have the right tools at their disposal to create the pieces that eventually become the final product. Taking sheet metal and transforming it into the essential elements laid out in the design requires the right applications of force, heat, and skill to become a reality. When you’re trying to bend metal into specific shapes, its inherent strength can make this a difficult chore. That’s where a press brake machine can help. 

What Is A Hydraulic Press Brake Machine?

During the metal fabrication process, you need a way to fold different types of metals into specific shapes. For years, a press brake machine has been a machine shop’s go-to tool for the job. With state-of-the-art upgrades in technology, these machines have been able to keep up with the changes to fabrication projects over the years. 

A hydraulic press brake machine consists of a V-shaped die where the sheet metal gets placed. From there, a hydraulic press gets pushed down onto the metal and bends it into shape. Different die can be used to form different shapes and fit the specific needs of your project. Steel fabrication requires the right combination of tools and techniques to bring fabricated metal products to life, and hydraulic press brake machines have proven a wide range of uses in fabrication shops worldwide. 

What to Look for in a Press Brake Machine

Whether you are looking to invest in a machine for your shop or you’re looking to partner with a shop like PennFab Inc., you want to ensure that the press brake machines used are up to the task. You need to consider two significant components of these tools when deciding which fits best for your upcoming project — tonnage and bending length. 


Tonnage measures the machine’s total bending force. This particular measurement aims to determine the total amount of pressure applied to a given piece of metal. Machinists require help applying the force necessary to form sheet metal into the shapes they need during the fabrication process. Having an accurate pressure rating on the tonnage can help you decide if a particular machine is the right fit for the project. 

Bending Length 

Your fabrication project requires sheet metal of varying lengths to bring it to life. The bending length of a particular press brake machine helps determine how a specific piece of metal can bend within the machine. You can better match the length of metal you have to work with and the right machine to properly bend the material into the shapes you require. 

Why Tonnage and Bending Are Important

It’s a delicate dance that requires pinpoint precision to bring these projects together into a cohesive image. These two measurements help determine the machine’s load limit and ensure you don’t overload the machine. With the trained team at PennFab, Inc. on your side, we know what our press brake machines can handle and ensure that we use the best practices to ensure your project is brought to life as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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