Improving American Infrastructure Through PennFab’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether it’s the roads we drive on, the bridges goods travel across, or the railroad tracks that have transported goods for hundreds of years, American infrastructure has relied on steelwork and fabrication for generations. Having expertly engineered metal enabled America to expand and grow across the country in the early days of our nation. As time moved on, the nation’s infrastructure needs continuously evolving, and across the board, America hasn’t done the best job of keeping up with these changing requirements. As American infrastructure struggles to catch up and improve, having the right steel fabricator working with you on infrastructure projects remains vital to your project’s success. PennFab, Inc aims to be that partner through our robust manufacturing capabilities.

We’ve Been Working on the Railroad

While trains have become less used for commercial travel and transportation, they remain a vital component of transferring goods across the country. Many of these rail lines have been in place and operation since the 1800s; finding ways to maintain their condition has become paramount. Our extensive experience working with trainyards and government agencies means that we know how to build new track sections and install them with minimal disruption to your services. Having a team that can deliver results on time and within budget helps keep infrastructure projects running smoothly and keep the flow of necessary materials going steadily.

Bridge and Road Work

Not all products and materials travel by train; many goods travel via trucks and tractor-trailers across the same roads that we drive every day. They go over the same bridges, change lanes on the same highways, and stop at the same red lights. Keeping these bridges and roads in good working order requires regular maintenance and, in some cases, new metalwork to keep everything running smoothly and secure. Our team of engineers and fabricators work together to figure out the best path forward and get these infrastructure projects completed to the best of our ability.

Improving American Infrastructure For the Better

Taking the time to address ongoing infrastructure challenges and issues needs to be addressed across the board in America. With the right metal manufacturing and fabrication company on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your ongoing infrastructure projects will be handled with the greatest of care. Contact the PennFab team to learn more about how we can help your next infrastructure project today!

What Goes Into Making Your Project a Reality?

For any steel working project, much has to go right to bring the job to completion on time and budget. Knowing the overall design, what materials you need, what equipment will work best, and ensuring the correct safety protocols are in place to make your vision a reality. You want to ensure that every aspect of your project meets the high standards you put forth and have come to expect. By partnering with PennFab, you rest assured that our team offers the best in engineering, fabrication, equipment, and safety in the region! We can help take these seemingly different disciplines and allow them to work together seamlessly for the betterment of your project! Continue reading “What Goes Into Making Your Project a Reality?”

How Our Facilities Can Bring Your Projects to Life

When you have a big project that needs to be completed, you want to ensure that the team you have working on it can handle its scope. A team with experience with larger scale projects can handle the big infrastructure and fabrication projects that help keep the world moving forward without interruption. With the help of PennFab, Inc., you get the experience and facilities to make your project a reality as well!

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What is the Difference Between DFM and DFA?

When you begin a manufacturing design project, you want to ensure that you have every part of the process laid out and ready to go. Part of this is deciding upon a methodology for your designs and where to place your energies’ overall focus. Are you trying to reduce your operations’ complexity and the cost of the raw materials and future production? Or are you trying to streamline the assembly processes involved? Whichever path you choose, you’ll have to apply either design for manufacturing or design for assembly methodologies for your upcoming project. But what are the actual differences between the two methods, and does one rank more favorably than the other?

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Why Automation Can’t Replace Human Jobs in Manufacturing

Automation continues to grow in popularity throughout the manufacturing industry. The use of automation technology offers many benefits, such as improving productivity and reducing costs. However, automation technology will never be able to completely replace human jobs in manufacturing due to a variety of reasons.

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What Precautions are Necessary for Metal Fabrication?

Close up of sheet metal fabrication

For companies that specialize in metal fabrication, your team’s safety should be the number one priority. Metal fabricators deal with extreme temperatures, sharp tools, precise movements, and additional factors, resulting in a potentially hazardous work environment without proper safety measures in place. But what are some of the distinct factors that you should take into consideration when designing safety protocols? 

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4 Reasons to Choose PennFab for Netting Pole Fabrication

When you take on a contracting job for a golf course or driving range, there is a nearly insurmountable amount of things to take into consideration. Between course design, zoning requirements, and the actual construction of the course, you need to be able to rely on the equipment you’re using. At PennFab, we hope to give you one less thing to worry about by fabricating the best barrier netting poles possible. As one of the best steel fabrication companies in Philadelphia, we take pride in all of the work that we do — making sure to provide only the highest quality netting poles on the market today.

What makes PennFab different? It could be our commitment to quality, our family-oriented company values, or our long list of certifications and completed products; We like to think it’s a combination of all three!

When you choose PennFab to fabricate netting poles for your golf course or driving range contracting job, you choose quality. Here are four of the most notable reasons to choose us for all netting pole fabrication needs:

Custom Size Options

Understanding that golf courses are, by nature, all different sizes and shapes, PennFab offers options for pole size that caters to the exact specifications of the job at hand. Whether you need a universal length and width or a variation of different sizes, our experienced team can make it happen with the same amount of care and precision that goes into every project we take on.

Calculated Wind Resistance

When installing netting poles to line the road or area surrounding a golf course, you require the assurance that they will stand firm amongst the worst conditions mother nature decides to throw your way. At PennFab, our netting poles are designed specifically to perform under extreme conditions such as intense wind so you can feel confident that your work on the course will remain intact.

Maximized Life-Expectancy

At PennFab, we utilize only the best materials for all fabrication projects to ensure the durability required for optimal functioning. All netting poles fabricated by our team are designed to maximize the lifespan of netting barriers, helping contractors and their customers feel more confident in the longevity of the projects they complete.

Enhanced Appearance

All of the netting poles fabricated by our team at PennFab are designed to have an appearance that helps them blend into the scenery of a golf course. Using unwavering attention to detail, we can fabricate netting poles that not only perform their function but look great while doing so.

Whether your contracting project requires netting poles, temporary platforms, or catenary structures in the Delaware, Philadelphia, or Bucks County, PennFab is the fabrication company to trust. We have spent more than three decades providing the framework for many of the tri-state area’s largest projects. Contact us today to see the difference that Pennsylvania’s best fabrication company can make!

8 Advantages of Working For a Family-Owned Company

Family at construction site

When a business has been founded, owned, or operated within a single-family dynamic, it is a badge of honor. Not only does it provide a strong backstory for your business, but it tells customers that you don’t subscribe to the usual traits of corporate America. In other words, while the business world is often perceived as cold and calculated, family-owned businesses emphasize a company culture founded on the nurturing qualities of family life. Continue reading “8 Advantages of Working For a Family-Owned Company”

Why Use an AISC Certified Fabricator?

At PennFab, we take pride in being a veteran-owned and operated company; but did you know that we are also an AISC certified steel manufacturer and fabricator in Pennsylvania? We are proud of our certification, as it shows our employees and customers the level of our dedication to them. We work hard to provide the highest quality of products to customers while maintaining a safe and productive work environment for our employees. Here, we break down what AISC certification entails, and why it’s important for fabricators to have this.

AISC Certification

In 1921, the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) was formed to benefit steel fabricators and erectors. The AISC has proven to be a leader in research, development, and education for steel construction. Their rigorous and ever-evolving processes that fabricators must adhere to will be hard to find elsewhere.

AISC certified fabricators assure their customers they possess the following:

  • Personnel
  • Organization
  • Experience
  • Procedures
  • Knowledge
  • Equipment

The Importance of AISC Certification

AISC fabricators stay true to three values: quality, safety, and accountability.


Certified fabricators are held to a higher standard as they comply with industry standard, codes, and practices. What sets a certified and non-certified fabricator apart is the ability to provide an exceptional level of quality control and quality assurance for the customer. Every process must comply with the AISC standards and be documented in a Quality Management System.


Not only are AISC certified fabricators held to a high standard to their customers, but to their employees as well. Providing a safe environment and workplace for employees is essential. Due to more rigorous training requirements for employees, the number of potential accidents and product failures is reduced.


Maintaining detailed records to be kept on file is required of AISC certified fabricators. This is to ensure that each procedure is conducted in an exceptional manner. AISC fabricators are subject to audit and physical inspection at any time to ensure that standards are being properly met.

Since AISC certified fabricators must go through rigorous processes and formal training, they tend to be more efficient. Their efficiency can translate to savings that can be passed down to the customer.

As a leader of steel fabrication in Pennsylvania, PennFab provides valuable services and products to customers. We can guarantee your project will be executed with superior quality. Contact us today to learn more about how our AISC certification can benefit you.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas From The PennFab Team

The holiday season is a time to appreciate all that life has to offer and say thank you. Here at PennFab, we want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We hope your days are filled with peace and happiness now and into the New Year.

Let It Snow

Is it even winter if it doesn’t snow? At PennFab, one of our many projects is creating the supports for snowmaking machines, making it possible for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the slopes even when snow is scarce. We fabricate and galvanize complex steel weldments, creating an army of snowmaking machines.

These complex steel parts are used to support, lift, adjust, and transport high-end snowmaking machines. All parts and 99% of the machinery used is made right here in the USA. By fabricating in the USA, we are able to reduce shipping costs to our customers and provide a shorter lead-time.

Safety, Quality, and Productivity Near You

As a part of our mission to help America rebuild its infrastructure, we have been servicing platform access to train tracks in our area, especially those where ice melting products are used. Recently, there was an existing concrete platform that required frequent and significant maintenance, posing an increasing operational risk. The solution to this problem needed to extend the life of the platform without completely shutting it down and taking it out of service.

The team at PennFab worked together to create a solution that was quick and easy to install, with a quick turnaround time, to avoid disrupting the daily activities of passengers. PennFab fabricated and shipped custom anti-slip steel panels that were fastened in place, right over the deteriorated and unsafe platform sections. These panels were pre-assembled and fully ready for installation with yellow tactile mat and rub rail attached, along with yellow stripes painted. Beveled edges were added to prevent trip hazards and comply with ADA standards. The installation work was done without any heavy equipment or major construction. Once everything was installed and fastened, the neat and clean appearance proved similar to an unmodified platform. We are proud to say that we efficiently maintained the safety of the platform with quality products and craftsmanship.

Thank a Veteran This Holiday

As a veteran-owned and operated business, we see the value in taking an extra minute to say “thank you” to a veteran. This holiday season, it’s important to remember that not everyone is as lucky as you are. Donating your time can be one of the greatest gifts of all. Visiting your local VA hospital and spending time with veterans can help make their holidays a little brighter. Christmas is a time for reflecting and appreciating those around you. Whatever you do, don’t forget to thank a veteran this holiday.