PennFab, Inc. began on July 28, 1983 by Michael J. Mabin.  With $2,500 to his name, a wife and three small children, Michael set out with a goal to build a company that he could be proud of, a company that would provide employment for his generation and the generation to follow. Mike’s passion for manufacturing began while serving in the Coast Guard and that passion followed him when he returned back home to Bucks County, PA.  After working for other companies, he decided to venture out on his own and PennFab was born.  Recognized for its strengths in the Railroad industry, manufacturing and transportation, PennFab manufactures all items in house at their 140,000 square foot facilities.

Starting as a shop helper almost 20 years ago, Michael’s son, Mike Jr. has worked his way up through the company with hands on learning, eventually becoming the company’s vice president in 2010.  With their combined dedication and passion PennFab has become one of today’s leading fabrication companies.

In their growing success they have had the welcomed addition of Michael Sr.’s son-in law, Steve Krotzer, as Sr. Project Manager in 2014 whose knowledge and expertise has been an unquestionable asset.

Proudly made in the USA and 100% Veteran owned.  AISC certified and PennDOT certified.

Made in the USA!

Veteran Owned

PennDOT certified

AISC certified

Voted Best Place to Work