Improving American Infrastructure Through PennFab’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether it’s the roads we drive on, the bridges goods travel across, or the railroad tracks that have transported goods for hundreds of years, American infrastructure has relied on steelwork and fabrication for generations. Having expertly engineered metal enabled America to expand and grow across the country in the early days of our nation. As time moved on, the nation’s infrastructure needs continuously evolving, and across the board, America hasn’t done the best job of keeping up with these changing requirements. As American infrastructure struggles to catch up and improve, having the right steel fabricator working with you on infrastructure projects remains vital to your project’s success. PennFab, Inc aims to be that partner through our robust manufacturing capabilities. Continue reading “Improving American Infrastructure Through PennFab’s Manufacturing Capabilities”

What Goes Into Making Your Project a Reality?

For any steel working project, much has to go right to bring the job to completion on time and budget. Knowing the overall design, what materials you need, what equipment will work best, and ensuring the correct safety protocols are in place to make your vision a reality. You want to ensure that every aspect of your project meets the high standards you put forth and have come to expect. By partnering with PennFab, you rest assured that our team offers the best in engineering, fabrication, equipment, and safety in the region! We can help take these seemingly different disciplines and allow them to work together seamlessly for the betterment of your project! Continue reading “What Goes Into Making Your Project a Reality?”