4 Advantages of Working For a Family-Owned Company

When a business has been founded, owned, or operated within the dynamic of a single family, this fact is typically worn as a badge of honor. Not only does it provide a strong backstory for your business, but it tells customers that you don’t subscribe to the usual traits of corporate America. In other words, while the business world is often perceived as cold and calculated, family-owned businesses emphasize a company culture founded on the nurturing qualities of family life.

However, for those who have never worked in this type of organization, these types of family-oriented values may be absent from their notion of how a business can operate. As one of the top steel fabrication companies in Philadelphia who has remained family-owned since day one, PennFab can surely attest to the advantages of a family-oriented enterprise.

Just a handful of the most notable benefits of working for a company like PennFab include:


When you start working for a family-owned business like PennFab, one of the first things you’ll notice is the level of commitment that employees have to each other and to the business itself. From newer employees to upper management, employees of a family-oriented company tend to feel much closer to the business, their colleagues, and their clients. This closeness, in many cases, translates to a passionate workforce comprised of people who genuinely enjoy coming to work.


One of the most obvious advantages to working for a family business is the element of care that employees have for one another. This can reveal itself in a variety of ways — from outreach programs and staff engagement activities to in-house training exercises and company picnics, businesses who have established a family-oriented culture often have some of the happiest and most caring employees out there. Not only does this make for a more pleasant work environment, but the quality of the work being done often increases along with it.


In order to truly connect with employees, business owners must be able to show a level of empathy that makes staff feel like more than just a cog in the machine. This is a common pitfall in corporate organizations, where upper management is often too far removed from their staff to feel this sort of empathy. However, in a family-owned business like PennFab, this is far from the case. When employees and management are in close contact, it is much easier to feel empathy toward a given situation and enhance the level of flexibility which can be offered to staff.


Lastly, due to the family-based culture of organizations like PennFab, employee turnover is often much lower than their corporate counterpart. When employees feel like they are an integral part of the day-to-day work, their perception of job security increases, helping them complete tasks with confidence and enhance overall productivity and morale.

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